Thursday , June 8 2023

Tim Green reveals ALS diagnosis on Facebook post


(WSYR-TV) – He was a former footballer at Liverpool High School, All-American in Syracuse and went on a long NFL career on Wednesday night Tim Green revealed he has ALS.

Green, who now lives in Skaneateles, went on to become a writer, lawyer and commentator after his NFL career.

Green made his battle with ALS publicly in a Facebook position.

It's okay when life is a fight …
While the football stadium is too far away, I found myself in a terrible struggle.
For the past five years, I've been experiencing some neurological problems in my hands. Initially the doctors thought that the damage I was doing to my elbows in football was the culprit, so they were working to release the nerves, but the issue went on and my voice began to weaken as well. This is the only reason I had to stop visiting schools to talk to children. Finally, I was diagnosed with ALS. These are the bad news.
Now good news: Like many conditions, ALS has different forms. While I certainly will not have it at all, I am extremely grateful that my own is a lately advanced version of the illness.
I'm also blessed Dr. Merit Cudkowicz at the Mass General Hospital as my doctor. He is one of the leading ALS experts in the world, but ALS research is largely inadequate and together with friends like you can make a huge difference to those who suffer from the disease and those who will have it in the future.
As always, I will spend the next few days and years counting on the blessings I have instead of making mistakes about the things I do not have. Today I will take a walk. I will work and write and will kiss my children as well as my beautiful wife. This is a great day. As good as possible …
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