Friday , September 30 2022

Artificial Intelligence goes into hunting cyber attacks


"Hackers" do not work with office hours or repeat the tricks used for their latest attack. In an ever-changing world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presented as the hope of stopping threats that man can not reach.

Attacks on untimely hours, so fast that in just 20 seconds encrypt half the equipment of a business or access via unexpected devices, such as a fish tank, have rendered obsolete the traditional defensive systems.

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Given the new threats, more and more companies are betting on AI, as is the case with Darktrace, one of the pioneers in exploiting self-teaching and the autonomous response of this technology to tackling the fastest and most unknown cyber attacks.

"The reality is that if someone wants to get into your network, they will do it." Attacks are new and constantly changing, it is impossible to predict how they are going to be done, "Darkfear Marketing Director Emily Orton, who participated in the Web Summit in Lisbon.

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