Monday , October 3 2022

Bitmint Mining Bitmain Sinks To Develop 90,000 S9 Antminers Before Bitcoin Cash Hard Branch


Prior to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) impending blast, Giant Bitmain angered to develop about 90,000 Antminer S9 engines in Xinjiang, western China, according to China's DeepChain news source on Nov. 8.

As mentioned, the BCH network will be spread heavily on November 15, and Bitmain is reportedly planning a strategy for its role in the next "power war" to achieve local mining operations in the coal-rich region. of Xianjing.

His operator swimming pools Local miners Yu Hao told DeepChain that mining titan has talked with almost all local mining farms since the end of October and convinced them to house nearly 90,000 of their S9 engines:

"AntPool [de Bitmain] asked a single extraction server farm to host more than 5000 machines. But, in fact, only a few mining holdings can satisfy their demand. "

An anonymous source "familiar with the topic" said that "half of the marketing staff [de Bitmain] He has gone to Xinjiang to talk with local mining operators to develop the equipment. "

As described by DeepChain, excess energy in coal-rich areas such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia has benefited companies such as Bitmain, as hydroelectric plants in southwest China have been unable to provide sufficient energy to meet the demanding needs their. energy's.

Bitcoin, born in Beijing, which owns Bitcoin Cash, supports BCH's customer, Bitcoin ABC, who heads the next junction. The enhancements to the extensibility proposed by ABC have been totally opposed by a rival, nChain, headed by the self-proclaimed "Satoshi Nakomoto" Craig S. Wright.

Wright supports a BCH protocol known as Bitcoin-SV (BSV), but so far the swimming pools Major miners such as, AntPool,, ViaBTC, supported Bitcoin ABC as described by DeepChain.

CoinGeek, reportedly pool The largest miner of BCH, BMG and SBI, supported BSV, according to DeepChain, which also states that some Chinese miners are planning to take advantage of BSV as of November 10 as "warm-up" to ensure maximum performance once it begins . the branching

It should be noted that the largest encryption platform platform, Binance, has recently announced its support for the tough branching, a possible reason for the recent large asset price hikes.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin Cash is estimated at $ 600.94, up 46.1% from November 1st. As DeepChain points out, Binance has joined Coinbase, the leader in US encryption bags. UU., To support network update.

Bitmain continues to compete with other mining equipment manufacturers to have the technological advantage; This week, the company launched two new 7nm (nanometer) anti-countermeasures equipped with next-generation ASIC chips.

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