Sunday , May 28 2023

Harden and defense give Rockets the third straight win


Harden, who finished with 28 points, including five triplets, six assists, four rebounds and three rounds

INDIANAPOLIS | EFE.- Star Guard James Harden again contributed to the attack on Houston Rockets, who also won his best defensive play and won Monday night at home from 94-98 on Indiana Pacers.

Harden, who finished with 28 points, including five three points, six assists, four rebounds and three rounds, completed the Rockets' return and triumph by scoring outside the perimeter with 36 seconds to go and put his 90's -93 which would be the decisive advantage.

Rockeep star also took two more shots of staff who secured the victory of the Houston team (4-5), who played the third of their tour in five races and came out of the game's judgment before they started. which will be the biggest route of the season after suffering four damage in the series.

The Clint Capela Swiss double center of 18 points and 10 rebounds was also key to the recovery of the Rockets defensive game.

While base Chris Paul was responsible for assault management, distributing 13 assists, he scored nine points and won five rebounds.

Front James Enis III, who left the boxer, scored 13 points and completed the list of three Rockets players with a two-digit number.

Coach Victor Oladipo with 28 points, including four triples out of 11 attempts, remained as the leader of Pacers (7-4), who ultimately could not avoid the defeat that cut them three consecutive wins.

The Lithuanian Forward forward Demantas Samponis was Pacers' sixth player to take 17 points, eight rebounds and five assists while another tall man, Taddeus Young, took 11 balls under the wreaths and was the leader of the team on this side of the group. game.

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