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In popular areas of Punto Fijo under the pockets of water from the beach


For three months, the supply of drinking water has not been met in the city. Faced with this situation, its inhabitants have to walk to look for water on the beach and break pipes to meet their basic needs

Irene Revilla
| Falcón | The cavity

November 6, 2018 8:34 pm

the containers are lowered

There were people of all ages in the protest.

Fixed point.- For the second time in less than a week, the residents of the Punto Fijo folk sectors took the Guaranao area on Bolivar Boulevard, demanding answers without drinking water not exceeding three months.

Since the dawn of Tuesday, residents of Bolivar, Josefa Camejo, Industrial, Andrés Eloy Blanco and Casco Central have focused on and they set fire to some tires to ask for water with pipes.

Consuelo Ramírez, a resident of the Bolívar sector of Punto Fijo, said that in the absence of water supply, they are obliged go down to the beaches and charge water to clean the bathrooms.

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He mentioned that children in communities have scabies for the lack of personal hygiene, which also creates that they acquire all the viruses in the environment. "Here the boys do not come out of diarrhea, vomiting, some bad flu and now all are scabies because of lack of water."

the containers are lowered

The debris covered the main road to the Punto Fijo center.

He reminded that for cooking they are walking large stretches of motorway to look for water in broken pipes and thus reserves to do the most important tasks. "We live like in the wilderness, they are believing that we are camels. Here we have to go out with the pimpinitas of the water to find anywhere, "he exclaimed.

He did one called on government entities to deal with this situation, as they have three months without the service and the majority already has no way to buy a tanker because of the high cost. Prices range from 600 to 700 leading pencils per thousand liters of water.

They confirmed that they would remain in protest until they got answers from the authorities. "Last week they complained and told us that the water would come, we had to protest and nothing happened."

The containers are lowered

They complain that they are walking on their feet to look for water.

In the place where a Falcón police officer appeared to try to mediate with the protectorates but all of them demanded that he respect the right to protest and did not let the orchestrated remove the debris to decongest the route when he saw the people of all the Changed Ages , decided to leave.

Photos by Irene Revilla

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