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Learn how to manage your emotions to increase happiness and productivity – Orbita News Agency


Lima.- As we live, it is important to pay attention to how we feel in times of uncertainty and how it affects our personal and work environment. This is even more relevant in the context of a survey conducted by the consulting company McKinsey, which found that about 44% of people who do not return to work in person expect to have a negative impact on their mental health. they finally do it. With this in mind, it is clear that companies need to manage and anticipate how their employees feel about working through different communication mechanisms.
In this regard, Ransa, a leading logistics operator in Latin America, has implemented the ‘Ransa Contigo’ program, which has introduced a team of psychologists to the seven countries in which it operates to provide for its employees and families. psychological and emotional support; and help manage problems that may affect personal well-being and job performance. Through such programs, companies have the opportunity to offer mechanisms that facilitate positivity and productivity among people.
Here are some basic tips for employees along these lines:

It is advisable to reconnect with yourself and set aside small areas during the day, such as coffee breaks or active breaks, to deal with interference and recurring thoughts or concerns that may arise at any time of the day. There, they should be able to listen to each other, understand their concerns, and discover how to make the best of their difficulties.
It is important to keep in touch with those who value you, both safely and in fact.

Faced with a generalized grief or a sense of sadness, the employee is advised to focus on the present, stop expecting for the future, and adopt a position to live one day. This will help reduce stress and uncertainty. It is important that you do not isolate yourself or pay attention to thoughts that reinforce this negative mood.
At the same time, various studies have shown that remembering and listing good things to be grateful for in life, even mentally, helps fight depression by stimulating feelings of happiness.

AGo, recognize and manage your feelings
Negative emotions are legitimate and should not be suppressed, but managed. It is better to deal with them before they manifest themselves, so it is important for employees to identify and think about which attitudes and situations in the workplace are most irritating.
However, if it is too late to prevent them, and if an employee is upset or suffering, they must accept that there is a reason for them and that there are healthy ways to express them. It is very important to be patient until it spreads, a strategy may be to count to 10 before making an emotional decision. If you can give more time, go for a walk, play sports or talk to a trusted friend.

SHe opens the ransa
Ransa, a leading logistics operator in Latin America, operates in 7 countries: Peru, the Andes (Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia) and Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). Providing efficient, flexible and adaptable solutions for more than 80 years, it has more than 7,000 employees in 34 cities and more than 3.5 million m2 of infrastructure capacity.

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