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See the news that your Huawei phone will have in the coming months


If you have a Huawei phone, you may notice some changes in the coming months. Some are already available, others are going to arrive, but all of them are painting a very interesting panorama of the services with which the company wants to create its own ecosystem, only open, not closed.

Daily update to Venezuela

Huawei Eco-Connect Europe took place last week, an annual conference in which it examines its main innovations. At Gizmodo, we had the opportunity to talk to Huamei Mobile Services Vice President Jaime Gonzalo. It is he who explained to us how these services will work.

Huawei assistant

If you drag your finger to the right on your Android phone, what usually happens is that the Google bulletin appears. In 2019, what will happen to Huawei's mobile phones with MUI 9 or later is that Huawei's assistant will appear.

Huawei's new assistant does not compete with Siri, Cortana or Alexa. In fact, it's not a voice assistant, but a version enhanced by Google's IA that shares functions with the traditional board (both companies are collaborating in its development), but this has two interesting details.

The first is that it does not collect data from users to operate or transfer it to Google (subject to the recent European GDPR law). The second is that the attached helper's recommendations are based on the new Huawei's AI chip and do not include the ad. The assistant will work in more than 60 languages, including Spanish.

Huawei Pay

She is already working in China and will soon be joining Apple and Samsung in the rest of the world. The company is developing its payment service together with VISA, so at this time it will only operate with the cards of this network at its European launch.

Huawei Pay works in the way of Google Wallet in the sense that what it does is to store the data of an encrypted card locally and to link it to the user's biometric identity. The data is not transmitted anywhere and will allow you to pay with your mobile. At the moment, you can not pay with the watch in Europe (in China if it works with Watch 2), although the company sees it as a future goal. Over time you can also save loyalty cards other than the bank.

Huawei Games

AppGallery App has been running games since it was launched in April this year but the company wants to decorate it with its own games and has come to an agreement with Unity to create a plugin that allows developers to customize these games platforms in an easy and fast way.

The company benefited from the Eco-Connect Europe event to also present its own Mobile eSports Division starting with an exclusive game for Huawei terminals called Heroes of Warland. It's a huge Fortnite shooter (almost a ripoff), but with the evolution of levels as in a role-playing game.

Huawei video

The Huawei Video service has begun in Spain and Italy and are now announcing that they will make their leap in the global market. Currently there are 4,000 titles between movies and rows (four consecutive months if you eat, sleep and watch videos).

The platform features productions from Sony, FOX, Vice and local channels such as A3 MEdia or TVE in Spain. Jaime Gonzalo explains that Huawei Video does not intend to compete with Netflix, but to complete the existing offer. The content is subscribed (€ 4.99 per month) but can also be rented separately and free promotions will be available on a regular basis. It can be accessed smoothly on our country bill when traveling to another and is compatible with 4K and HDR. In terms of subtitles or language, they are entirely dependent on the content creator.

Huawei themes

Huawei Themes is one of those applications that go a long way, but it is one of the most productions that the company produces. The application allows you to change the look of the phone in a native way through themes that modify the desktop background, home icons, home screen, fonts, phone application, or contacts.

The idea is as old as the world, but people love to be able to tailor their mobile, so Huawei creates a whole market around the application. This year, the company has entered into agreements with museums and design schools so that artists can create and sell their own themes. In the future there will be agreements with fashion brands and promotional issues. Today there are free and paid issues that give a personal touch to the mobile.

Huawei Cloud

The latest innovation commented on during the conference is another reality. This is the Huawei Cloud. The service does not appear immediately in the phone because it is accessible from the file application and only activated when we create a Huawei account. For the rest, it is similar to other cloud services such as Apple, Google or Microsoft, but it has the incentive to offer 5GB of free space only with registration. If you need more, there are many programs on the road.

Once configured, you can save photos, documents, contacts, or sound notes. The computer is accessed via the web. The interface can not be simpler today, but it works quickly and without complications. An interesting detail is that Huawei Cloud data centers in Europe operate from Germany, which is the country with the toughest laws on data protection. In other words, Huawei does not analyze the data we store on these servers to sell us the ad. The data never comes from there and their transmission between the mobile and the servers is encrypted from end to end. The company, knowing perhaps the mistrust that exists today to provide our data to whom, is making great efforts to offer privacy.

His courtesy: Gizmodo.

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