Thursday , June 8 2023

Seven Venezuelans were injured after the bus reversed in Peru


A bus owned by the Peruvian transport company, on which 58 Venezuelan passengers were aboard, yesterday morning overturned

A section of the Panamericana Norte highway in the Mórrope district, Lambayeque County, after the driver lost control of the steering wheel while trying to avoid collision with another private vehicle: the accident's product was injured by seven people.

According to local media, a traffic accident occurred at 854 km of the aforementioned highway, when a car suddenly overwhelmed the track through which the bus came, forcing the driver to risk being outdated. which causes the overturn.

The seven injured people were identified as Noemí Reyes Thais, 18; Edis Thais León, 44; Eduardo Pedro Álvarez, 25; María Isabel Valecillos, 62; González Daniel, 22; Luisa Tarma, 49 and Leybi Josefina Mejía, 40.

The authorities have evacuated a group of 58 people from the scene of the incident to go to the town of Chiclayo in an important urban center in Peru where they will be detained.

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