Thursday , June 8 2023

Ten novelties created by WhatsApp this year, which changed the app


In recent hours, when Facebook is going through a deep crisis, she knew WhatsApp – the 2014 messaging service – will show ads in the coming months. Chris Daniels, vice president, said that "companies have the opportunity to reach people".

This change, which we have not yet begun to implement, is a long list of the announcements made last year. Then ten are the most important:

1. Delete Messages

This was one of the most important novelties. Before, WhatsApp did not allow the possibility of repentance in the event that someone sent a message to the wrong man or an involuntary mistake. Starting this year. The "Delete All" option allows the message to disappear from the screen of all people in the conversation.

2. WhatsApp Payments

After a number of tests, the application included the possibility of payments. With the UPI Alliance you can easily send and receive money. To do this, both the sender and the receiving user must have the UPI option in the application.

3. Description of the groups

Within a few months, some lines of text can be inserted to briefly explain what the group is like. You may mention the topic or the key issues that need to be addressed and some basic rules of "digital coexistence" to avoid group information that is not relevant to its creation.

4. Group calls

The feature was released in May. The first step is to select a user and click on the video call icon as always. After the user has accepted the call, click the user icon that you want to add, which appears at the top margin. If this is done, the other person you want to enter the conversation will ask for confirmation and press the bet.

5. Stickers

This is one of the most recent changes. Now you can use the stickers in WhatsApp so that they can enrich the texts transmitted through the platform. To use this new tool, make sure you have installed the most recent version of WhatsApp, 2.18.329 for Android and 2.18.100 for iOS. Once that is done, the stickers are already appearing in the chat options.

6. Voice call to video call

The video call has long been working, but the 2018 news feature is the opportunity to switch from voice call to video call in the middle of the conversation. To do this you have to press the switch, which is a little hidden. To activate, the second participant must accept the change.

Group Summary

There are hyperactive groups where hundreds of messages per day are exchanged. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up to date with so much information. So WhatsApp has added a very useful feature to these cases: the button in the bottom corner (@) when you spend a lot of time without going into a group. Press this button to see the messages that the user is on.

8. Edition

The Group Configuration option has been added to Edit Group Info, which allows you to change the subject, icon, and description of the chat. There are two options: each participant or administrator only.

9. WhatsApp video

WhatsApp has provided a feature to Android users – iOS users have been available since last year – enabling them to play videos on other platforms without leaving the messaging application. When a user clicks "play" within YouTube or the Instagram link, they are no longer diverting the application, but they can see the video in the WhatsApp chat.

10. WhatsApp Business

This option, which was introduced in India, gives companies the ability to communicate the application in a special way with their customers. This includes alternatives such as quick responses and welcome messages. It's been used by many companies.

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