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The dictatorship of the Amazon


Ammy GoodmanBy: Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

Amazon this week has released her long-awaited announcement: revealing where her second headquarters will be, called HQ2 (for her acronym in English).

The selection process has faced more than 200 cities struggling to accommodate the new campus of the company, which has promised to create 50,000 high-level jobs. In their bid to offer the company as much public subsidies and attractive tax breaks as possible, politicians have overtaken themselves in front of the Internet sales giant and the founder and CEO of Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man. Each of these local authorities hopes the victorious city will be prosperous with the increase in tax revenues and the emergence of a prosperous technology hub that could compete with Silicon Valley itself. Finally, Amazon announced that the new headquarters will be divided into two smaller locations: one in Queens, New York and the other in Crystal City, Virginia. While the details of government-funded grants to Amazon remain unknown, what is known so far is enough to confirm the worst fears of numerous Amazon critics: the HQ2 contest was better off. Another example of corporate prosperity, where working class taxpayers' money is transferred to a business giant and the owner of many millions.

The next day after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the details of the city's successful bid for the diminished Amazon headquarters, Ron Kim, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the State of New York and a progressive Republican, said in an interview for democracy Now: "With great indignation, I believe that New York under the Cuomo government is willing to grant up to $ 3 billion. the meaning of a Senate with a progressive Democratic majority for which we are working so hard in New York state if we can not prevent a man from transferring $ 3,000 million from taxed money to the richest man in that country Planet? "Representative Kim refers to the Democratic Party's victory in New York last week's elections, which allowed him to take control of the state Senate for the third time last 50 years. Kim is optimistic and believes that generous subsidies can be revoked between the new Senate composition and the State Assembly, of which he is part and which is largely controlled by the Democrats.

Time magazine estimates that Jeff Bezos, executive director of Amazon, only gets nine seconds to win $ 28,000, which Amazon's average employee wins in one year. Greg LeRoy, the business defense organization and governmental responsibility for the economic growth of working families, "Good Jobs First" has long been watching what he calls "persistent megatransactions." "Like the New York Virginia at the Amazon Headquarters In an interview on Democracy Now, LeRoy explained: "This is a new example of Amazon receiving a payment to do what she would do anyway. I wanted to be the economic capital of the world, the country and the political capital of the country, so there is no surprise in the location you chose. Once again, we strongly subsidize a company to do whatever I want to do anyway. "

Mayor Bill de Blasio welcomed Amazon's decision to locate her headquarters in Long Island City, Queens: "Here we will have the opportunity for tens of thousands of New York City children, children attending our public schools, our community colleges and four-year universities. "Before these words, Greg LeRoy replied:" We know that, in general, four of the five new workers in such a project will not be residents of New York or Arlington. [Virginia]. They will be people moving to the area from outside. And that means there is a lot of expansion, that many schools need to be expanded and that infrastructure and public services are created. "All of this is paid by taxpayers, not by Amazon.

LeRoy also said: "Most of the profits, which include all profits for a few years, come from cloud computing, from Amazon's Internet Services. It is the world's largest computer company in the world. of its market is about 40%, and among its most lucrative customers in this area is the Pentagon, the CIA and other US federal agencies. Amazon exerts aggressive pressures for greater control of federal supplies and government and local supplies. People do not realize that HQ2's headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia, are very close, literally a few meters away, to the Pentagon. "

"Amazon does not just want to dominate the market, it wants the market," says the headline of an article in the weekly The Nation, written by Stacy Mitchell of the Institute of Local Self-Confidence. In an interview for democracy Now, Mitchell said: "Today, Amazon captures one of the two dollars spent by Americans online." Also, eliminate small businesses. "We lose about two retail jobs for every job produced in the Amazon warehouse. But I think instead of considering the Amazon as the dominant factor in these markets, the way to understand what this company really means is that Amazon seeks to control the basic infrastructure that other companies need to reach the market. With its online platform, over half of all online product searches are now starting on the Amazon site. And what it implies is that for a company that produces or sells retail, if you want to reach consumers, you have to make more and more sales on the Amazon platform. And this means that the Amazon now controls these businesses. "

Initially, Jeff Bezos had called the company "Cadabra", as in "abracadabra". However, according to myth, his lawyer said he sounded like a "corpse." It remains to be seen whether this new Amazon headquarters will unleash a magic era of high technology in Queens or if it will eliminate small businesses, shoot the rents high and leave only the corpse of this neighborhood working class.

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