Friday , September 30 2022

The High-Level Committee of Russia-Venezuela foresees the extension of economic cooperation


Deputy Prime Minister Tarek El Aisam, head of the Russia-Venezuela High Level Committee, aimed at expanding the strategic level of bilateral relations between the two countries.

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During an informational contact from Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), he stressed that it was decided to include the agriculture and mining industry as part of the co-operation in order to strengthen the Venezuelan economy.

"With these two areas will be five areas of action for relations between Russia and Venezuela: the energy relationship that is a central axis. Trade, which needs to be expanded daily, many of the products traded on the local market come from Russia and those produced today in the country are marketed on the Russian market; apart from the technical-military relationship that is a strategic point for the development of sovereignty and peace, "he said.

He also claimed that the agreements were made in this committee, they must have run time, a clear route, sources of funding and direct responsibility for their implementation.
"It is a partnership that aims to defend our national resources and interests," said El Aissami.

He said the agreements are expected to be signed in the mining and agriculture sectors, which will continue at the next meeting scheduled for December 13 in Caracas.

"We want Russia to participate in the exploration and exploitation of gold and coltan in the country." Venezuela clarifies that certification is the second and third nation with the largest stock of gold in the world, he added.

Russian Ambassador to Venezuela, Vladimir Zaimski, said his country is willing to invest in the production areas mentioned above.


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