Wednesday , October 5 2022

The wifi connection will come with new developments


This is known to the user, not the name of the WiFi connection and its features. Up to now WiFi networks have been devised "802.11" because the committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was the number 802 and the model developed was the equivalent of version 11. This will change, as Omicrono says.

The latest specifications so far, WiFi 802.11ac will be renamed to WiFi 5. The following, ie devices with 802.11n technology will have WiFi 4. The above technology will be WiFi 6, corresponding to the WiFi 802.11 axis signal. This will result in changing the WiFi icon icons on each terminal, which will appear with the above mentioned names.

WiFi 6 will be the future of wireless networks, which will be on the phones for years to come. This will translate into a higher data transfer rate, capacity, better performance in places where the network collapses and, in addition, lower energy consumption.

Source: 20 minutes


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