Monday , May 29 2023

the world has to look at Venezuela


Her political leader Democratic Center Party (PCD), Carlos Alame, participated last Tuesday in a protest day in Rome (Italy) where the leaders of the College of Italian Journalists complain of criticism who live by the governments of the world, threatening the constitutional rights of the free exercise of journalism and editorial freedom.

During the meeting, the leader of the PCD expressed the environment in the case of Venezuela, where 60% of the written press in his trial is silenced.

"The presses stop iron control, and the regime must have free and independent media, as well as the violation of the National Constitution of the Republic apart from universal rights to press freedom, freedom of opinion and even freedom of information, "he added.

He also spoke about media control by the national government, which still intends to intervene in social networks.

"This is serious, undermining the democratic system whose virtues are based on freedom, justice and human rights." The Venezuelan government is bypassing all the values ​​that are devoted not only to Venezuela but also to democratic countries in a vulgar and perverse way " he said.

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Alaimo visited her headquarters Cáritas International in the Italian capital to increase the situation humanitarian crisis suffered by Venezuela.

"Indicators of extreme poverty with the consequences of deaths due to food shortages and medicines have reached the ceiling, which means that all international organizations prepared for this kind of scenario have to deal with Venezuela, even against the decision of the totalitarian regime Ripe to prevent such aids. "

In the evening, Alaimo participated in a meeting with MPs italian-suramerican who are at the Foreign Ministry, who on their agenda bring the issue of the political situation in Venezuela.

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