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They complain of the "technical paralysis" of the electricity sector due to crisis On the Agenda


Photo: Report

Photo: Report

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The economic crisis has caused a technical paralysis in the electricity sector by resigning some 20,000 workers who have left their jobs due to low wages and few perceived benefits, a group of protest workers said today.

The president of the Venezuelan Electricity Federation, Ángel Navas, said that staff retirements add a reduction in the income of young workers because "when they know the wage package do not get the job."

Navas, who caused the mobilization of electricians in the central area of ​​the country, explained that the main demand is to resume the debate on the collective agreement postponed about two months ago.

"Only a few clauses are missing to reach agreement, and the Minister for Labor, Eduardo Piñatand suspended the negotiation with the promise that these negotiations will be restored "as soon as the monetary conversion that took place on 20 August is completed.

In a part of the east Caracas neighbors demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Venezuelan National Telephone Company (Cantv), depending on the state, to demand solutions to failures in the fixed telephony and internet service in the area.

Protesters have told reporters that they are not dealing with disasters in the service that practically make communication impossible.

Venezuelan civil servants have been struggling since last June with employees from other sectors, such as the health sector, denouncing that the salary of 1,800 bolivares ($ 27, according to the official rate) is not enough to cover the food basket. August was 12,211 bollards ($ 187).

The protests of the Venezuelan crisis are almost daily, because there are failures in public services, lack of food and medicines and daily inflation between 3 and 4%.


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