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Unsolicited tips to eliminate unpleasant spines that go out in the buttocks


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(Caracas, November 5. News24) .- Pimples in the buttocks are one of the most common skin disorders. And because they have a very unpleasant appearance and cause discomfort, especially when you are sitting, people try to find a quick and effective solution.

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However, anyone can suffer from this problem, which is caused by the proliferation of bacteria and micro-organisms in the area. Lingerie and drying are some of the factors that most stimulate seed growth.

It is recommended that you carry out a refurbishment of cleaning and personal care. It is important to wash the buttocks well in the daily bath it is important not to use scented soaps.

Another effective method is the application of exfoliating products. Also include routine soaps and creams containing vitamin C.

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