Monday , January 30 2023

You can now exchange a dash via text message in Venezuela CryptoNews


Dash Text is inspired by a service that allows the transfer of BCH via text messages called CoinText, as well as other payment systems based on Venezuelan text messages and cryptographic companies that have also launched their own SMS messaging services, as recently done Blockstream.

The wallet works with short text messages of only 5 digits – a service similar to polling – which quickly processes sending or removing cryptoskins, according to the company.

The company says it does not keep the user's private keys – which are generated by the user's phone number – but they do not even claim to be delivered to customers.

Also, although the Dash Group ensures that all transfers and wallets are private, we also need to keep in mind that users must first record all your personal data on the operator platform to have this phone number, which is closely linked to the wallet and its operation, since without it no seeds are created, much less transactions can be made.

The main goal of this wallet is to offer a service that does not depend on the use of the Internet, since in Venezuela a large part of the population does not have access to the Internet or faces problems with the provision of electricity in their residential areas. Also, the wallet thinks about those people who do not have smart phones, they say on their website.

Dash Text is currently working only with Movistar Telecom, but has plans for the future so that its services can be processed equally by Digitel and Movilnet, companies that also provide telephone services in Venezuela.

Similarly, among his future plans, he notes that the wallet has begun to offer its services to businesses throughout Venezuela. A campaign that aims to offer wallet users the ability to buy goods and services by means of direct mail transport, in addition to remittance.

The dashboard team was for a period of one month working on the wallet version of the wallet, which could be tested by Dash customers. The project was proposed in the treasury of encryption a few months ago, endorsed by the organization named "Dash-Text-SMS-Wallets".

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