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13-year-old Muay Thai boxer died in the ring, netizen community outraged Young people


On November 10, Thai media reported that Anucha Tasako, a 13-year-old talented leader, collapsed after being attacked by a rival in a Samut Prakan province near Bangkok.

The video clip that records when the boy Anucha hit his head in the ring and the assistants immediately rushed to help. According to the Thai police, Anucha later died of cerebral hemorrhage. He did not wear a helmet during the competition.

According to the Thai media, Anucha is a boxer from the age of eight and has participated in more than 150 games. Anucha's opponent, Nitikron Sonde, is as young as he is. Nitikron later wrote on Facebook personally: "I am very sorry, but I have to try to win so I can make enough money to pay for my studies."

Many Thais express anger at the death of Anucha. Some people think the referee is wrong not to intervene early to finish the fight. "He must be able to stand, because the referee did not end the game but let the child continue to beat until he knocks out," said a Facebook user.

Thai boxing, also known as Muay Thai, is a popular sport in the country. Many martial artists participate in training and contests from a young age with the desire to become famous and wealthy or simply to help their families escape poverty.

However, the audience often criticized many children under the age of 10 participate in the battle with the punch, a kick aimed at an extremely dangerous head.

Theo AFPThailand is considering a bill that prohibits children under the age of 12 from competing in Muay. The local media informed the Thai Sports and Tourism Minister saying he would submit the project "as soon as possible".

While many support the adoption of the law, there are some opposing views. "I do not agree that the law prohibits all contractors from participating in the competition because 99% of the famous Thai fighters and Olympic winners have begun to play since then." Tawee Umpornmaha, a former 59-year-old Thai boxer who won the Olympic medal, told them AFP and claimed that the child's death was an accident.

"I am a boxer at the age of 12 with over 200 games, the question is, do we have safeguards for gladiators?" This has to be addressed, including the mobilization of the incumbent doctors, he added.

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