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His girlfriend, Georgina, is “dumb” before Ronaldo’s gift, and the sisters no doubt liked it after seeing it.


It is unknown when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to spend $ 150,000 (about 3.5 billion VND) to buy a beautiful gift for his girlfriend Georgina. The 27-year-old model shared on her personal Instagram account, “I didn’t speak, Cristiano.”

The gift that Ronaldo sent to his beloved daughter without delay is Louis Vuitton’s Malle Vendome jewelry cabinet. The cabinet is designed to celebrate the opening of a new store of the fashion brand in Vendome Square in Paris. It is about 1.5 m high and consists of 8 drawers and accessories to store the collection, such as bracelets, necklaces or rings.

As a lover of the highest-earning football star on the planet, of course, Georgina also owns very rare and expensive jewelry worth $ 3.5 million (82 billion VND). Georgina, who appeared at the last Venice Film Festival, shone while wearing a diamond worth 2.5 billion dong, wearing 4 rings, necklaces and shiny earrings branded Giardini Segreti.

Ronaldo’s gift to his girlfriend Georgina (Photo: Instagram)

Georgina “wore” a lot of expensive jewelry while attending the Venice Film Festival

His girlfriend, Georgina, can't speak in front of Ronaldo's gift, and the sisters will definitely love it when they see it - Figure 3.

Despite the impact of the epidemic, 2021 is still a busy year for Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Earlier, while attending the Cannes Film Festival came into the spotlight …

… Participated in another art event in Marbella (Spain)

It often appears in fashion magazines

His girlfriend, Georgina, can't speak before Ronaldo's gift, and the sisters will definitely love it after seeing it - Figure 7.

There’s even a movie about my life on the Netflix platform

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