Thursday , June 8 2023

Malaysia is a very unpredictable football opponent in the country Sports


What does Mr. Park do in this fight? I think yes, because Malaysia is totally different from Laos, it is stronger and "huge" a lot. Mr. Park sent his assistant to watch the Battle of Malaysia against Laos, but remember that in the first two games Malaysia used two different legal battles. Very flexible and win the same.

I have carefully studied their stone, of course, my weaknesses have also been recorded by Malaysia. I think Malaysia will concentrate on the midfield with slow motion, near waiting for the opportunity to fight back. There is also the style that each team must apply before the level of the opponent.

Malaysia is a very popular rival 1Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong are trying to find official positions

On the side of the Vietnamese team, it is important to be calm, have a proper approach and not be impatient. Remember that if you lose it is not a catastrophe as you do not necessarily win, the beautiful stone that needs profitability. I believe Mr Park has made the right calculations for this fight. Through the Vietnam team struggles recently, Park often supported the safety of the stones, creating the tight line of defense when he encountered the opponent's balance. So, this fight I believe will build a security plan in the middle of the field.

The goalkeeper, he can continue to take Van Lam into the main conception without any reason to change at all. The defense is Tien Dung, Dinh Trong and Duy Manh. The central areas are Van Hau, Hung Dung, Quang Hai and Trong Hoang. Three strikers are Van Quy, Cong Phuong stone behind Anh Duc.

Malaysia is very difficult to imagine 2Malaysia is exercising slightly at Stadion My Dinh on 15-11

This team will have more confidence in the middle. If you let the school kick the key, the ability to "sacrifice" the decision or the Cong Phuong. The away team uses a formation of 3-5-2, with its name.


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