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Many Vietnamese payments are earning the mid-term elections


There are 24 US Vietnamese in the mid-term US elections. The OC reported early voter election that 42-year-old Senator Janet Nguyen leads the way with 59 per cent of the 34-seat vote in California. Republican senators dominated the campaign before opposition Democratic Colonel Tom Umberg, thanks to a large Vietnamese community in Orange County.

Area 34 includes most of the towns of Little Saigon, such as Garden Grove, Westminster and Santa Ana. Janet was elected to the California Senate in 2014 and is the first Vietnamese to be elected to the highest state legislature in the United States.

Also in California, in the 72nd district, Tyler Diep led the way with 55%. A member of the Westminster City Council overcame the Democratic opponent for a seat in the House of Commons.

"I am very excited and grateful for the results of the early elections we see," Tyler said on November 6th. "If this result remains the same, I really want to make sure that I do my best to win the trust and support of those who did not vote tonight tonight to finally be a voice for all the people in it the Sacramento region. "

Representative of the State of California Tyler Diep. Photo: OC registration

Another major Vietnamese vote in the mid-term poll was Rep. Stephanie Murphy, whose Vietnamese name was Dang Thi Ngoc Dung. Murphy is still the spokesman for the 7th Congressional Region after defeating Republican rival Mike Miller.

John Mika, who has 12 terms in the House of Commons, won his seat at the US Congress in 2016. It was also his first time.

A woman with two children says she will focus on tackling Florida's hot issues, such as drug crises, the expansion of low-interest loans for small businesses, and the help of veterans in stabilizing their lives.

In the winning speech, Ms Murphy underlined the importance of working with legislators to legislate for Florida residents. "My faith is always in the people I represent, not in any political party, but in the US Constitution," he said.

According to Andover Townsman, in Massachusetts, Tram Nguyen, a lawyer born in Vietnam, first made and won against the Republican Jim Lyons. He will be the representative of the 18th county of Essex County in the House of Commons and the first Vietnamese American to be elected to this Massachusetts office.

"It's great to look at all the hardships we've been through, and everyone is ready to help someone's voice be heard, that's what I want to do," says Tram. .

Tram Nguyen, who recently won a seat in the House of Representatives in Massachusetts. Photo: Andover Townsman

In the city of Westminster, according to preliminary results, Tri Ta returned to mayor. Of the 13 winners in the two vacant seats of the city council, two of the Vietnamese applicants Tai Do and Charlie Nguyen Manh Chi lead the way.

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