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Thanh Tu Thanh Tu in a flower car in December


Vietnam Runner married a successful businessman in Hanoi as he was 16 years old.

Ngo Thanh Thanh Tu has just confirmed that she will be in the car early December 1818. Her husband was born in 1978, is a successful businessman in Hanoi. They met for about a year, but officially opened their love from 3/20/18 and confessed their friendship as "you".

Shared with, is the sincerity of her friend who feels like a craving. Entrepreneurs are actively trying to reach Thanh Tu when they often ask their opinion about the project and share the results of the consultation: "It gave me a sense of respect, not a separation of social status. "

However, the first time he asked, Thanh Tu quite confused should not rush to agree. In one case, Thanh Tu came home from his friend's parents. At the first meeting with adults, it was inevitably awkward. Seeing this, his friend who was driving a bicycle with Thanh Tu out of the village. As you remember while sitting behind your lover, crossing the road with fields of rice on both sides. "I never felt so secure when I had a strong shoulder at that moment when it made me accept my love and join with him," said Thanh Tu.

Runner Ngo Thanh Thanh In a wedding dress.

Runner Ngo Thanh Thanh In a wedding dress.

About 3 months later, his friend decided to propose to Thanh Tu. As the runners-up, both sat to watch TV at home, the child turned to say, "You and I get married" was extremely surprised. "I do not want you to get this big joke," the beauty was serious. However, the next day, the boyfriend brought his parents to the story, making the runner feel the gravity must decide to accept.

Thanh Tu's parents support the married daughter, although her mother is most worried. Thanh Tu also asked his mother and two older sisters for the bride and groom: "When my husband and I were angry, my mother asked me to come and reconcile them. Dance 2015) shared my experience with the bride and fatherhood of my parents with my parents, and I feel fortunate to have my mother and sisters for the great event of my life. "

Currently, Thanh Tu is busy preparing for the ceremony and marriage with her boyfriend. The wedding ceremony will be held at a luxury hotel in early December. Despite the implementation of the marriage unit, Thanh Tu is still busy because things are in the sprint. Earlier, in September, the couple took a wedding photo of a mixed-trip traveler in Paris, France.

Thanh Tu said that because he was the youngest son, he did not feel pressure to do the job. The husband and wife also understand financial independence. As for children, they do not predict that time because the concept of "children is heavenly."

Earlier this year, Thanh Tu confirmed that she would participate in an international beauty contest but then withdrew her decision for unknown reasons. This made him rumored to have married to stop playing. Answering this question, Thanh Tu also insisted that marriage did not affect his refusal to participate in the international competition: "Then I had to concentrate on MC work on Vietnamese television. Choose between the project and the international competition.

Ngo Thanh Thanh Tú, born in 1994, 1.81m, won the first winner Miss Vietnam in 2016. He is known to be a beauty, has a private life, not a scandal.

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