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The operator will stop the parallel call for 11-voice subscriptions from November 15th


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Examine the transition from 11 to 10 digits

So after that time customers will not be able to make calls and messages to subscribers with 11 numbers.

According to the plan to convert the 11-digit to 10-digit number of subscribers, from September 15 to October 7, 2008, five VNPT / VinaPhone, Viettel, MobiFone, Vietnamobile and Gtel mobile operators have completed a Network Transformation Code successfully transferring to all 80 million mobile phone subscribers 11 to 10 numbers.

Although parallel call time for 11 mobile phone subscribers in 10 numbers will expire at 23h59 on 14/11, however from 0h on 15/11/2018 to 23h59 on 30/2019, the network continues to maintain tuna in Vietnamese and in English when customers call 11 numbers to switch to 10-digit form of call.

VinaPhone spokesperson said: "In order to ensure uninterrupted communication, VinaPhone advises customers to synchronize phone directories to transfer all subscribers to 11 numbers in 10 numbers. To help users get information about interrupting parallel calls , the operator performs voice alarms (English and Vietnamese) to inform customers when calling 11-digit subscriber numbers. "

In addition to completing the update, before November 15, they will turn 11-digit subscribers into their 10-digit phone book to ensure continued contact, according to banks, on November 14th. / 2018 will also be the last day for users of banking services to subscribe to change their phone number from 11 numbers to 10 numbers. Also, as of November 15, 1818, banks will cease to provide services to customers who do not subscribe to convert phone numbers from 11 to 10 new numbers. Subscribers who use a 11-digit phone number to sign in to a bank account will not be able to receive OTP messages when making a cash order or receive a change in the balance. account …

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