Monday , February 6 2023

The teacher in Saigon was suspended for punishing students by slapping


Tran Khac Huy, head of the Tan Binh District Education and Training Department at HCM City, said Tran Van On Primary School had suspended the Fifth Teacher Class for 15 days to examine the treatment. for the offense.

Tran Van at Elementary School, Tan Binh District, HCMC. Image: Manh Tung.

Tran Van at elementary school, Tan Binh District. Photo: Ming Tung.

Before the parents express, in a noisy class of discussion, many children who have been arrested by the teachers to slaughter in turn: the first, the second child 4 things … we must be 32 The teacher also uses the words "not good" afraid students when they learn badly.

The school confirmed the incident, the teacher admits that the student slaps alone, but the number is not as much as the parents reflect. By self-slapping so simple brush on his cheeks. He just wanted to discourage students because many times in the class, he remembered but did not listen.

"The teacher is over 30, he is a good teacher, passionate about work and wholeheartedly devoted to her students." Huy said.

"The teacher's attitude is wrong, but I think I have to understand the desire to educate her children to improve it, to continue working," Huy added.

Tran Van On Primary School is a public school in Tan Binh, which has two campuses.

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