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Tragedy struck: Muay Thai's leg hit the hitting


Monday, 05/11/2018 21:49 (GMT + 7)

A former Muay Thai fighter died after a knockout in the boxing ring.

Daghio's video was hit on October 26th

Muay Thai Christian Daghio died at the age of 49 in a hospital in Thailand, a week after killing a great blow to the unconscious and falling into a coma.

Tragedy struck: the legend of Muay Thai hit by death - 1

Daghio hit by boxing ring on October 26, a week after his death in hospital

In a boxing match for the WBC Championship on October 26, Daghio confronted Don Pareuang and then attacked by an opponent before striking unconsciously with a punch. The referee promptly asked Daghio to be transferred to the hospital, but no one noticed the severity of Daghio's brain injury after the fight.

Before going to boxing at the age of 46, Daghio had many years as a legend in the world of Muay Thai when he participated in 189 games and won 145 games. Moving to Thailand since the age of 21, this Italian fighter still wants to compete even though he has changed his age and his health is no longer guaranteed for the martial arts.

Despite the doctors' efforts, Daghio was unable to survive for a week in the hospital. Dougie's girlfriend and 5-year-old daughter still do not know she died.

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