Thursday , February 2 2023

Two passengers boarded an airplane in Ho Chi Minh City, who could not leave


On the afternoon of 6 November, Jetstar Pacific's BL434 is scheduled to depart from Ho Chi Minh City from Tuy Hoa at 14:00 and arrive at 15:00.

In preparation for scrolling, the computer system of the aircraft signaled a technical check. Therefore, this aircraft stops departing for the tester engineer. According to the Jetstar Pacific representatives, no technical errors were detected and BL434 was scheduled to depart at 16:30.

To ensure safety, at 15 hours, the airline erred another plane to drive visitors to Tuy Hoa. Passengers exchange planes to prepare for departure. However, at this time, the command station does not store Tan Son Nhat Airport due to the high density of the airports, the aircraft will have to wait for 4 other aircraft to take off, so the BL434 can not take off before 16 hours.

Aircraft should be technically tested if there are warnings in the computer system. Image: Anh Duy.

Aircraft should be technically tested if there are warnings in the computer system. Image: Anh Duy.

Following a request for air traffic interruption, the airline contacted Tuy Hoa Airport and was informed that the airport would close at 17.30. The time for Tuy Hoa Airport is about 1h10 minutes, an alarming departure delay flight will affect safety so the airline has decided to cancel the BL434 flight.

The canceled flight also made the reverse flight from Tuy Hoa to Ho Chi Minh City to cancel the line.

Tuy Hoa Airport is one of the few airports in Vietnam that do not have a runway lighting system, night lighting systems that can take airplanes at night. Thus, the airport is usually closed at 17:30, the expected sunset due to insufficient lighting to ensure the safety of landing aircraft.

Passengers are transferred to the Jetstar Pacific on the following day and each passenger is compensated by the 200,000 goodwill. Passengers are also required to have their own cruise lines or returns.

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