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From Langton Nyakwenda

Norman Mapeza listens to many of Reverend Togarirepi Chivaviro's songs, especially the Ebenezer chart of 2015.

Norman Mapeza welcomes FC Platinum supporters
Norman Mapeza welcomes FC Platinum supporters

Why should not she?

The lyrics sound well with Mapeza's current rhythm as FC Platinum coach enjoys the glory after the second place of the championship with the Zvishavane-based team.

The Pure Platinum Play was crowned yesterday in 2018, the Castle Lager Premier Soccer in Maddawa, with Mapeza becoming the first coach of Zimbabwe's history to win the title of the top flight twice with a team outside of Harare and Bulawayo.

Mapeza was also named coach of the month for last week's October and is the red hot favorite to maintain the Lager Premier Soccer League Coach of the Year Award.

He says it's all God's things!

"If I look at the difficult trip that I have traveled since the first day I entered FC Platinum, I can only say it is the God that took me so far.

"I'm hearing Rev Chivaviro's" Ebenezer "and some spiritual songs by Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, because I have realized with God that everything is possible," said Mapeza at The Sunday Mail Sport.

The 46-year-old gheffer rarely opens his life, but yesterday, on the 550th day of his running at FC Platinum, which was Pure Platinum Play's boxing day, Mapeza chose the platform to remember a platinum journey that started on August 10, 2014.

Mapeza has built an average machine that is so ruthless in the Madda Fortress, where FC Platinum suffered just four losses in the 69 championship games played in Zvishavane since the prominent geferner took responsibility.

But with all these statistics to support his success, the former coach Warriors, who also won another championship title with Monomotapa in 2008, refuses to be self-centered.

"It's not Mapeza or pride per se, but it's the whole FC Platinum family," he insisted.

"From my technical team, the players, the club executive and the Zvishavane community, all have played a role.

"Without their support, I would not have achieved this. It's all about hard work, determination and dedication as well as building a good relationship with players.

"Whatever I do in football, even from my early days at Darryn T in Chitungwiza, I do it seriously. You can ask my childhood friend Lloyd (Chitembwe) to know how much effort we put in during our training years.

"We would wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and train alone before going to the other Darryn T players and then we would be back on our own again after the team meeting."

Born in a rural family in Honde Valley in 1972, Mapeza came to Harare only at the age of five.

With the death of his biological mother he grew up with a mother step in 1986.

Mapeza credits his late mother for the planting of "seed that he never gives".

"My mother has always reminded us of the need to work hard because of our history and I have been working hard since then, look at my story, play for the national team, go to Europe, everything was because of the hard work," said former assistant users of Galatasaray.

Mapeza's passion for the game is indisputable and his touchline affection always gave photographers some nice back-side pictures.

"If I do not, my players will go out. Football is our job and my players know it's time to work when they see me moving.

"I am also strict with these boys because football has become more scientific these days, I need to know what they eat, how they spend their social time, that I must literally dominate everything or else we will not have the right players here." of Mapeza know what kind of coffin is, you certainly should not miss.

No fast food, no nightlife and more work is the FC Platinum culture.

Post-race celebrations are usually cut off by shifting focus to the next game, there is little time for social media and Mapeza himself is not active on either Twitter or Facebook.

"I do not have time for social media, it loses my time," he said.

Mapeza is a student of Chelsea's Italian coach, Maurizio Sarri, whose sparkling brand name football expansion soccer transformed the former side of Napoli into a force in Serie A.

"I do not support clubs in Europe because I only see football to learn, obviously, I like the style of Barcelona and I followed the progress of Napoli when Sari was still there, and I like Sarri's methods.

"I also read a lot about the Guardiola Pep coach and I chose some things from Brazilian football, so I read a lot about the Brazilian teams," said Méezza.

The 2018 season started at low levels for Mapeza who suffered a back injury in a strange gym event before being subjected to surgery on March 2nd.

It was a terrible time for Mapeza as he lost the first seven games of FC Platinum.

"It was painful but on the other side that period showed me how supportive my family is. My husband Blandina is always a pillar, my children Njabulo (15) and Sasha (12) were also there for me.

"My kids do not play football, they get into cricket, but they wonder a lot about my profession. They want to know if I'm okay.

"My siblings were also next to me, you see my family was always there from the days I started professional football," he said.

While some find it difficult to get out with him, Mapeza believes the disagreements are good for the good of the game.

"I think we are struggling to make each other better, we have some disagreements with some football journalists and sometimes we disagree but ultimately we all need each other. In fact, I'm learning a lot from what you write.

"To my fellow coaches, let's continue to share our ideas better. You are all good coaches," said FC Platinum's mentor. Sunday Mail.

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