Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mohamed Salah's statue is mocked by fans as the assailant gets Ronaldo's treatment


The guardian

A statue of Liverpool's astronaut, Muhammad Salah, was presented to his homeland in Egypt, drawing unfavorable comparisons with Ronaldo's very ridiculous bust.

The statue revealed in Sharm el-Sheikh shows that Salah, who set a new Premier League record record last season, celebrates his trademark with his hands high on the crowd.

The striker scored 32 goals in the Liverpool Championship first, won the England player's award for the year and was a candidate for the FIFA World Player of the Year.

But the similarity of the work of the Egyptian sculptor One Abdel Allah was not as popular as the player himself, who was a candidate for the FIFA World Player of the Year after a remarkable time in which he also inspired Egypt in a first appearance of the World Cup in 28 years.

Observers in the social media said that sculpture made Salah look more like the 1970 singers Leo Sayer or Art Garfunkel, while others suggested that it looked more like the Marv character than Home Alone.

The statue also recalled many of the controversies surrounding the Ronaldo bust at Madeira's airport, which sculptor Emmanuel Santos re-examined after an outcry that did not have a good resemblance to the Portuguese superstar.

Abdel Allah said he was inspired by the statue, which was presented at the World Youth Forum in the Red Sea resort town, by Shalia's gesture to "open his hands to the fans" after he achieved the goals.

"I found it to be distinguished and executable," he said, according to Egyptian independence.

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