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No $ 17 million has been recorded in the Youth Ministry under the auspices of Zhuwao – Nehanda Radio


From Pauline Hurungdoun

At least $ 17 million was not recorded by the Ministry of Youth, Citizenship and Economic Empowerment, General Auditor Mildred Chiri said.

In happiest seasons: Patrick Zhuwao and Acie Lumumba
In happiest seasons: Patrick Zhuwao and Acie Lumumba

In its report for 2017, AE said the ministry failed to cover enough the $ 17,520,015, which was processed in the wage bill without the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

Patrick Zhuwao then ordered the ministry before moving to the Ministry of Public Administration, Labor and Social Welfare from October to November 2017. It was subsequently expelled by the Zanu PF party during the 2017 soft coup.

His ministry is said to have misused, wrongly and undervalued funds, or failed to convince convincingly to spend public funds on the AU.

Chiri revealed that the ministry had, for two years in a row, mysteriously underestimated spending on employment, which led to an additional $ 9,862,963 paid in 2016 and $ 17,520,015, which was also paid for the same reason in 2017 except the wage bill presented.

"Payments for salaries and allowances processed by the SSB amounted to $ 38,302,307, while the ministry's book had $ 20,782,292, leaving an opaque difference of $ 17,520,015," said Chiri .

Chiri noted that this vague action is inconsistent with the Treasury Directive 0952, which states that salaries, wages and allowances are subject to Treasury approval.

"The question of the fluctuation accounting was not concluded between the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance and the SSB, so I am not convinced that the credit account showed a real position with regard to wage costs and allowances "said Chiri.

The ministry has put in place mechanisms that believe it integrates young people in Zimbabwe for attracting and adding value to the economic and political context.

However, Chiri has revealed that some of these efforts, such as loans given to individuals as collateral from the Youth Development Fund and Financial Aid from accounts of around $ 1 808 271, have not yet been reimbursed.

Chiri also revealed that the youth ministry after the coup d'état under President Emmerson Mnangagwa in December 2017 was not in control, as it failed to reach $ 621,431 at the time of finalizing the audit in May 2018.

However, the ministry responded vigorously and said: "The ministry did not underestimate the cost of its employment. The employment cost reported in the credit account was in line with the budget for 2017 and the subsequent public-sector publications.

"… are inconsistent with the report received from SSB, as SSB payments were made outside the PFMS.

"To take account of the fluctuation, the ministry agreed with payments made by SSB against outflows from the fund and budget credits," said the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Art and Recreation.

PFMS is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that processes financial transactions and generates reports for all ministries and government departments.

However, Mr Chiri revealed that the ministries sent costs three months after the end of the financial year when the audit had already begun; therefore, some transactions may have been mistakenly accepted or processed by the ministries, thus causing suspicions reliability. Daily News

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