Wednesday , February 1 2023

The Australian who ate slugs dies after paralysis for eight years


An Australian who ate a slug like a dick has died after having spent eight years paralyzed by a rare infection.

Sam Balard, 29, died on Nov. 2 at Sydney's Hornsby Hospital, "surrounded by a room full of love," according to an obituary at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Once an intense rugby player, Ballard's life changed forever in 2010 when he decided to eat a garden slug as he dared during a party at a friend's house.

His friend, Jimmy Galvin, said in Australia's current calculations that the work showed the fateful moment has arrived.

"We sat here, having a night to blow the red wine, trying to work as adults and a slug came crawling here," he said.

"The debate came, you know," Should I eat it? "And Sam went," he said.

Friends have little thought of the farce at the time. However, in the coming days Ballard began to feel bad and complains of severe leg pain.

At first, Ballard "worried that he may have developed multiple sclerosis, like his father," Herald Sun said, but doctors were able to rule out the disease.

However, it was diagnosed with eosinophilic meningoencephalitis that was shrunk as a result of rat pneumonastrin. As its name suggests, the parasite is usually transported by rodents, but can also be transmitted to slugs and snails consuming infected rats of the rat.

While most people are recovered from the infection, Ballard fell into a coma. When he eventually returned to consciousness 420 days later, he suffered brain damage that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

For the next seven years, Ballard "could not eat for himself and needed help to go to the bathroom," Sky News says.

Although he could not speak, "when his friends visited, they said his face was illuminated and was" still there ", reports

In their family, Bhalard described him as a "true warrior" whose difficult times were enlightened by "a family of friends and friends."

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