Sunday , May 28 2023

Uganda, with a high risk for Ebola, is beginning to vaccinate doctors


KAMPALA, Uganda – Uganda has begun vaccination of health workers against Ebola in a border area near the outbreak of the Congo.

Vaccinations began on Wednesday and are part of a larger Ebola prevention plan in a country that has suffered multiple epidemics of Ebola since 2000.

In recent months, Ebola cases have been confirmed near heavy travels between Uganda and Congo, where an outbreak in the northeastern country has killed 189 people.

The Ebola virus spreads through the fluids of infected people.

Anthony Mbonye, ​​a professor of health sciences at Uganda's Makerere University, said vaccinations are vital for causing transmission "in an extremely endemic zone for hemorrhagic fevers."

Ugandan officials say the twice-weekly purchase days, when 10,000 Congoleseans cross over to Uganda, have put the country at high risk.

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