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We have not flown the price of flour: Millers


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Natasha Chamba, business reporter
The GMAZ said its members have not raised the price of flour in bakeries and therefore the recent rise in the price of bread can not be attributed to the price of flour.

Bread remains briefly on the market, and bakeries of last week after negotiations with the government have decided to raise the price for a bread from $ 1.10 to $ 1.40. The government intervened after some bakeries had announced that they had raised the price to $ 2.20 a piece of bread.

GMAZ Chairman Tafadzwa Musarara said yesterday that Beira's grain transport delays contributed to the lack of bread on the market as bakeries did not have enough flour.

He said the problem was aggravated by the fact that out of the eight GMAZ wheat suppliers, the union stayed with a supplier asking for cash ahead. This, however, has not changed flour prices.

"We had eight wheat suppliers, but now we only have one who wants cash ahead. We owe all eight money dating back to 2015-2016, but even with this crisis, we have not raised flour prices in bakeries, "Musarara said.

He said that the recent rise in the price of bread can not be attributed to the price of flour.

The Zimbabwe National Bakery Association has said that industry has been negatively affected by the recent surge in price increases, particularly in the basic raw materials used in bakery making.

The association said the prices of imported products, such as enzymes, baking fats, improvers, gluten, calcium, kwiklocks and premix, had increased significantly.

Spare parts for factories and distribution vehicles have also increased by pressing bakeries to raise the price of bread.

Meanwhile, Mr Musarara has assured the nation of an adequate supply of flour during the festive season.

He said an additional fleet of 400 trucks would be shipped to move the wheat from Beira.

"We had suspended the supply of cookies, and I am pleased to say that by the end of next week we will be able to supply everyone, but we will continue to prioritize bread makers," he said.

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